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Welcome To Massachusetts

(masechoo´sits) , most populous of the New England states of the NE United States. It is bordered by New York (W), Vermont and New Hampshire (N), the Atlantic Ocean (E), and Rhode Island and Connecticut (S).

Area, 8,257 sq mi (21,386 sq km).
Pop. (2000) 6,349,097, a 5.5% increase since the 1990 census.
Capital and largest city, Boston. 
Nickname, Bay State.
Motto, Ense Petit Placidam Sub Libertate Quietem [By the Sword We Seek Peace, But Peace Only under Liberty].
State bird, chickadee.
State flower, mayflower.
State tree, American elm.

Boston is the capital and largest city. Other important cities include Worcester , Springfield , Lowell , New Bedford , Cambridge , Brockton , Fall River , and Quincy . The state is famed for its historic points of interest, among them being those at Sturbridge, Concord, and Lexington; at three national historical parksBoston, Lowell, and Minute Man; and at eight national historic sitesAdams, Boston African American, Frederick Law Olmsted, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Longfellow, Salem Maritime, Saugus Iron Works, and Springfield Armory (see National Parks and Monuments , table). Cultural attractions include the noted Tanglewood music festival (see Berkshire Festival ) and the many educational facilities of the state. 

As a recreation and vacation land, Massachusetts has great stretches of seashore in the east and many lakes and streams in the wooded Berkshire Hills in the west. There are numerous state parks, forests, and beaches, and Cape Cod is the site of a national seashore. Provincetown, on Cape Cod, and Rockport, on Cape Ann, are artist colonies; Marblehead is a noted yachting center.

High-technology research and development, finance, and trade are all prominent in the commonwealth's economy. The service sector, in which tourism is primary, now employs over one third of Massachusetts workers.


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Find out how much money your local police officer makes, including overtime and detail assignments.
Search our database of salary information for town, county and district employees on Cape Cod. This database is still under construction and more salary information will be added in the coming weeks.
What’s the average age and income of the people who live in your town? Find out in this database that breaks down the population of each Cape and Islands town by race, age, income, marital status, political affiliation and more.
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Find out how many houses, ponds and roads are in your town. This database is packed with information about each Cape Cod town’s geological attributes, housing characteristics, vehicle and road information and listings of local utilities.
This database includes a profile of every public, private and charter school on the Cape and Islands including enrollment figures, expenditure per pupil, student/teacher ratios, test scores, the ratio of up-to-date computers to students and much more.
Taxes and Fees
Every Cape and Island town charges different fees for services. Use this database to find out your town’s fees for trash and recycling, obtaining a dog license, birth, marriage and death certificates, beach stickers and how much you’ll shell out for your child to participate in school sports or take the bus to school.
Town Override Histories
Get the facts about and results of every override that has been voted on in area towns since Proposition 2½ was instituted in 1982.
Government Overview/Town Finances
Look at a snapshot of your town’s history, governmental structure, polling places and finances. Dig deeper for detailed revenue and expenditure statistics, cherry sheets, bond ratings and more.
Seniors Centers
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Places of Worship
Looking for a church or synagogue in your area? This database contains information for every house of worship on the Cape.
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If you’re looking for a little fun or exercise, check out this database for a comprehensive list of museums, bowling alleys, golf courses, skating rinks, tennis courts, fitness centers, cinemas and theaters, state parks and more.
Health Centers and Clinics
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*Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition, Copyright (c) 2003.